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Displaying Running Applications and Cached Processes on Android

This article will explain how to navigate through our UI in order to display the running applications with any device along with cached processes in our virtual Android.

Displaying Running Applications

The apps tab lists all the running applications on your virtual device whether you are viewing an iPhone or Android. Through the Corellium UI, you are able to launch, kill, uninstall, and even install some apps. For more about installing apps on iPhone click here, and for Android click here.

apps menu

process controls

Showing Running Applications through an Android device

  1. Once you have turned on Developer Mode in the virtual Android device

  2. Navigate to system -> developer options -> click on running services

system menu

  1. Then to developer options

developer options

  1. Click on running services

running services

Showing Cached Processes

Once in running services, click the three dots in the top right corner and select "cache processes"

The subsequent screen will then display all the cached processes on your virtual device.

cached services