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Release 3.8

The Corellium team is excited to announce the release of many user experience improvements, simulate receiving SMS to iOS, frames of various Android devices, Android 12 upgrade, as well as bug fixes.

  • Device tools have been stacked vertically for easier navigation.
  • "Peripherals" renamed to "Sensors” in device tools.
  • Device selection has been updated to not require unselecting of current device.
  • Simulate receiving an SMS message on the iOS virtual device.
  • 11 Android device frames have been added.
  • Upgraded AOSP 12 from beta 1 to revision 26.
  • Allow shell scripts to be used as the main executable of a process.
  • Fixed Cydia Installations in iOS 15.2 and later.
  • On-Site: Bug fix when instance gateway is set to “default."
  • Broken links for Knowledge Base articles updated.