The Snapshot feature allows you to save the state of a device and restore to it later.

You can save up to five snapshots at a time per virtual device. Note that snapshots are tied to the virtual device, so if you delete the virtual device, all snapshots related to that device are also deleted.

Corellium Snapshots

When you open the Snapshot menu, for iOS and Android devices, you'll notice a "Freshly Restored" snapshot is already there. This snapshot is automatically created when you first set up the device. This allows you to quickly revert to a fresh version of the device.

To take a new snapshot, simply navigate to the Snapshot dropdown menu in the upper-right of the navigation bar and click "Take New Snapshot." Note that for Android and IoT devices, you will only be able to take a snapshot when the device is in the "Off" state. For iOS devices, you can also take live snapshots while the device is running. In general, it should take about 2 minutes or less to create a snapshot for any device model.

Snapshots can be easily deleted as your work progresses, and new snapshots can be taken. To delete a snapshot, navigate to the Snapshots dropdown menu, hover over the snapshot you wish to delete, and click the "Delete" button. You can also restore a device to a snapshot by clicking the “Restore” button on that snapshot, or you can clone a snapshot into a new device by clicking the "Clone" button. Keep in mind that cloning will consume additional resources.

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