To find the UDID from a signed IPA, you can use the script below (for MacOS).

Simply put your IPA somewhere on your local disk, open your Terminal application, and execute the script to extract the UDID.

./ /path/to/application.ipa

PROVISION=$(unzip -Z1 "${IPA}" | grep embedded.mobileprovision)
if [ -z "${PROVISION}" ]
echo "[!] unable to find provisioning profile"
exit 1
echo "[+] found provisioning profile at ${PROVISION}"
unzip -p "${IPA}" "${PROVISION}" > /tmp/embedded.mobileprovision
echo "[+] UDIDs:"
awk '/ProvisionedDevice/, /\/array/' /tmp/embedded.mobileprovision | awk -F'<string>|<\/string>' '$0=$2'
rm /tmp/embedded.mobileprovision
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