In Corellium's cloud environment, you will need to connect to VPN before you can connect to your virtual devices via adb, ssh, gdb, or serial console. Read more about Connecting to your Virtual Device.

To connect to VPN, you will need to have a VPN client installed. Check out our guide on Connecting to the Corellium VPN.

Some important notes...


To SSH to your jailbroken iOS device, copy the SSH link from the Connect tab to your console program, such as Terminal. When prompted to log in, use the password alpine.

If you are attempting to SSH to a jailbroken device in the cloud and you are unable to establish a connection, check with your system administrator about your local network settings, as certain configurations can block this connection.


Virtual devices will automatically connect to network upon creation. However, if you deliberately disconnect a device and need to reconnect, you can easily do so.

To re-connect an iOS device to virtual Wi-Fi, open Wi-Fi in the Settings app on the device, select the "Corellium" network, and enter any 8-digit password.

On an Android device, you can disconnect and reconnect to network by toggling the Mobile Data option in Settings -> Network and Internet -> Mobile Network.

Corellium's virtual Android devices include virtual cellular hardware, but they don’t include virtual Wi-Fi hardware. This means that you cannot connect virtual Android devices to Wi-Fi.

If you are on an Enterprise account and are having trouble connecting your device to Wi-Fi, please ensure that your system administrator has enabled Internet Access in your Project.

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