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  1. Install Android Debug Bridge

  2. Initiate a Connection to Your Virtual Android Device

Corellium supports controlling your Android virtual devices using the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) command-line tool. ADB allows greater control to install and debug applications.

You can read more about ADB on the Android Developer Studio.

Install Android Debug Bridge

The Android Debug Bridge tool is available as part of the android-platform-tools SDK.

On macOS, install ADB in the Terminal using Brew.

brew install android-platform-tools

Initiate a Connection to Your Virtual Android Device

  1. Create and boot up an Android virtual device.

  2. Download the .ovpn file and initiate a VPN connection.

  3. Copy the adb connect ... command and run it in Terminal.

  4. Verify your connection by running adb devices.

Once connected, you can use adb to transfer files, run remote shell commands, install and uninstall apps, view device logs, and more.

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