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Demonstrate a Bluetooth Connection

This guide will show how to configure two Android devices in order to demonstrate a working Bluetooth connection. Our virtual Android devices utilize BLE/BTSmart Bluetooth with no audio support.

Only Android 12 devices and up will support a Bluetooth connection.

Set up the Master Android

The master Android will be used to detect the other Android device using a BLE/BTSmart Bluetooth connection. We will be using the Bluetooth LE Scanner APK on the master Android to initiate the Bluetooth connection.

  1. Create an Android 12 device as your Master Android.
  2. Install the Bluetooth LE Scanner, which can also be found on OpenGApps.
  3. Open the Bluetooth LE Scanner and click "scan" to search for discoverable devices.

Scan For Devices

Set up a Discoverable Android

This Android device will be used to advertise to other devices by downloading this APK BLE Tool, it can also be found on OpenGApps.

  1. Create an Android 13 device, this will be our discoverable Android.
  2. Install the BLE Tool application on your device.
  3. Open the application and choose the "Gatt Server" option.

Gatt Server

  1. Click "Start Advertising" to make this device available for other devices to connect to.

Advertise Device

Complete the Bluetooth Connection

After you made an Android device discoverable, navigate back to your master Android and scan for devices.

You should see a device appearing inside the application.

View Discoverable Devices

Click on the device, then click connect. Connect Via Bluetooth

The device should connect almost immediately. If the device is taking a while to connect, try stopping the advertising and starting it again. If that does not work rebooting your devices should clear up any issues.