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CHARM™ is our custom type-1 hypervisor designed to run multiple complex devices, peripherals and chipsets on a single, cutting-edge Arm server, allowing us to virtualize devices on their native architecture. From advanced security research to mobile app testing, our technology empowers critical development work across the Arm ecosystem.

The only hypervisor designed specifically to virtualize mobile devices

Unlike other hypervisors, CHARM™ wasn’t ported to Arm: it was built for Arm from the ground up. And Corellium's hypervisor wasn’t built to virtualize servers: it was specifically designed to handle the complex peripherals and chip architectures of mobile devices.

Transparent 32-bit translation for Android

Corellium's Arm2Arm feature provides transparent 32-bit translation for Android, so developers can run apps with 32-bit libraries on 64-bit server hardware without making any modifications to their code.

Realistic, highly performant interaction and visual display

To optimize user interaction with the virtual display, Corellium's hypervisor provides hardware-accelerated H.264 / H.265 compression and GPU support with OpenGL ES pass-through. Our proprietary WebRTC implementation re-encodes display for ultra-smooth rendering.

Sophisticated container technology

Our hypervisor has the flexibility to run not only virtual devices but also containerized applications. Our container technology uniquely runs LXC-style Android containers on Android, sharing services to enable greater resource density for use cases like application streaming.

Ability to plug simulated hardware into virtual devices

The Corellium hypervisor CoreHDL feature enables developers to plug their simulated hardware into virtual devices for hardware design, verification, and bringup.

Performance out of the box

Corellium offers turnkey, out-of-the-box software, as well as a deeply customizable platform, resulting in rich native-like experiences, sophisticated rendering, and smooth graphics.