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Configuring the Webplayer

The Corellium Webplayer Client allows for a variety of configuration options. These options are passed to the API when you request a JWT. The API will then return a JWT that contains the configuration options you requested.

Available Options

OptionDescriptionTypeRequiredDefault Value
baseDomainThe domain of your Corellium
apiTokenYour Corellium API token.stringYesundefined
projectIdThe ID of the project you want to use.stringYesundefined
instanceIdThe ID of the instance you want to use.stringYesundefined
expiresInThe expiration time of the token, in milliseconds.numberNo18000
featuresThe features you want to enable.Record<string, boolean>No{}

Available features

appsEnables the Apps tab.
connectEnables the Connect tab.
consoleEnables the Console tab.
coretraceEnables the Coretrace tab.
deviceControlEnables the Device Control tab.Set this to true
deviceDeleteEnables the Device Delete tab.Set this to true
filesEnables the Files tab.
fridaEnables the Frida tab.
imagesEnables the Images tab.Set this to true
messagingEnables the Messaging tab.
netmonEnables the Netmon tab.Set this to true
networkEnables the Network tab.
portForwardingEnables the Port Forwarding tab.
powerManagementEnables the Power Management tab.Set this to true
profileEnables the Profile tab.Set this to true
sensorsEnables the Sensors tab.
settingsEnables the Settings tab.
snapshotsEnables the Snapshots tab.
straceEnables the Strace tab.Set this to true
systemEnables the System tab.Set this to true