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Managing Projects

Projects allow administrators to manage resources, users, and permissions. Administrators can assign a certain number of cores to a project, and then assign certain users and/or teams to that project. Users and teams can be added with either administrative permissions or member permissions. Users with project-level administrative permissions can create projects and assign users to or remove users from the project, but they cannot create new users.

Projects can be used to divide resources in many ways. For example, you could create a project with 12 cores called "QA" and assign the “QA Team” to it. Those 12 cores would be shared between the users on the QA Team. Alternatively, if user Adam needs two iPhone X’s for dedicated testing, an admin could create a project called "Adam's Project" with 12 cores, and only assign user Adam to it.

If all cores have been assigned, you must un-assign cores from a project in order to re-assign them to a different project. You can quickly check how many total cores you have and how many unassigned cores you have in the bar at the bottom of the "Projects and Devices" screen.

Devices in the same project share the same virtual network and can communicate with each other. Only the company administrator can assign CPU cores to a project.

Creating a Project

Under the “Projects and Devices" tab of the Admin section, click "Create a Project.” Type in a name for the project and press the Return key. Use the + and - buttons to add cores.

Check the bottom bar to see how many cores are available. In the “Permissions” section, click to add a user or team as either an Administrator or a Member.

Managing a Project

To change the name of a project, click the name of the project, type the new name, and press the Return key. To delete a project, hover over the name of the project, then click the delete icon that appears to the right of the name.

You can use the + and - buttons to add and remove cores from a project. Because every device requires at least two cores, cores are added and subtracted in multiples of two.