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CPU Cores and Device Slots

If you're on a monthly billing plan, your account is provisioned with a number of CPU Cores and Device Slots.

  • CPU Cores are the combined maximum number of cores you can have across all of your devices at any one time.
  • Device Slots are the combined maximum number of devices you can have in your devices list at any one time.

You can find out your current usage on the devices page and you can see how many CPU Cores a device requires before you create it. If you delete a device you will get the number of CPU Cores it occupied and Device Slot credited back to your account.

These CPU cores correspond to the number of CPU cores available on the Arm servers assigned to that company's account. Each virtual device requires a certain number of CPU cores to run. Most devices require two cores, but newer devices, such as the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, require six cores.

For instance, if you have a 12-core account, you can spin up two virtual iPhone 11’s for your first test run, then you could turn those off for storage and create six iPhone 7’s for the next test. For every two active CPU cores allotted to your account, you can store up to five devices in an Off state.

If you would like to increase its total number of cores, you (or your Domain Administrator if you're an Enterprise customer) can upgrade to a plan with additional cores on the Subscription tab of the Account (or Admin) page.

Account subscription page

In certain scenarios, it’s also possible to configure the number of cores and RAM a virtual machine instance uses, under Advanced Settings in our UI. During creation, it changes the default cores and RAM. After creation, it takes effect on the next boot.