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With the 3.13.1 release, we announce iOS 16 support for cloud customers as well as improvements to the device boot process.

  • User interface enhancements, including improved user alerts
  • Known Issues: Please note using Frida with iOS 16 may lead to a kernel panic.

The 3.13 release includes preparation for iOS 16 support, design enhancements to the user interface, and performance improvements.

  • Increased disk space by 2GB for all iOS 16 devices
  • Added nodevmode boot option to the REST API

Corellium unveils various new changes to the user interface and user experience with version 3.12.1.

  • Simplified trial signup process adds address autofill and removes the billing requirement
  • Accessibility and usability changes, including keyboard support on modal windows
  • Improvements to navigation, alerts, and typography of our web interface
  • Moved the OpenGApps installer to the Apps page on Android devices
  • Deeper Intercom chat integration into the customer experience
  • Reliability and error handling improvements

This update only applies to the cloud.

  • Enables GPU acceleration for all Android devices on Enterprise accounts
  • Enables mixed Graviton clusters

  • Added the ability to export a pcap of the log from the Network - Monitor tool
  • Fixed a bug that caused some apps to timeout on launch on iOS 14.5.1 with PAC enable
  • (For on-site customers, Release 2.9.1 incorporates Release 2.9)

  • Improve the load time of images in the Create Device modal
  • Increase trial time from one hour to six hours
  • Fix a Frida-related panic on iOS 14.5+ and enable integrated Frida tab on 14.5+
  • Disable certificate pinning by default for applications on jailbroken iOS devices
  • Automatically connect to the device display
  • Support for KASLR

This cloud-only release provides support for variable screen sizes in the API, as well as minor bug fixes.

  • Support for variable screen sizes in the API
  • Support for toggling GPU acceleration per domain
  • Fixed a bug that caused Network Monitor to be displayed for non-jailbroken no-agent devices
  • Fixed an issue with the API that allowed users to create projects without a name
  • Fixed an issue that prevented re-subscribing after canceling a usage-based account
  • Fixed a bug that caused Enterprise Team Leads to see an option to invite users and manage teams when this functionality was not available at this permission level

This update provided minor bug fixes for the cloud.

  • Fixed an NVMe panic after pause or reboot from a READ timeout
  • Fixed a bug that caused ffmpeg to cause unknown device error
  • Fixed a bug that cause the Kill button in the app tab to occasionally not respond to a click
  • Added a connection token to vstrm servers, telegfx, and crlm-stream
  • Resolved an issue with a device that was stuck in the Deleting state

With this update, we're very excited to now offer Usage-Based Billing for our cloud subscribers. Users can now subscribe to Individual or Enterprise Usage-Based accounts, where devices they create are charged for on an hourly basis. Please visit the Subscription page in your account to view additional details about subscribing to Usage-Based accounts.

Additional updates include:

  • Support for the iPhone SE (2020)
  • Allow writing to filesystems on Android 11
  • Prevent user from taking an Android snapshot before a device is fully shut down