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Where does the Files app store files?

Customers sometimes need to test apps that incorporate multimedia or other file upload.

iOS Files app

The path on iOS isn't consistent, but it can be easily found.

  1. On iOS, open the Files app (not the Files tab on Corellium's web interface) and create a uniquely named directory. In our example, we use dirsearchtest123.
  2. Open the Console tab on Corellium's web interface and search for the directory name.
    find / -type d  -name "dirsearchtest123" 2>/dev/null
  3. You should see a response such as:
    /private/var/mobile/Containers/Shared/AppGroup/D66E0384-1D2E-4588-B8F9-6102D891808C/File Provider Storage/dirsearchtest123

Android Files app

On Android, the files are stored in the SD Card. Look in the appropriate directory under /mnt/sdcard/.