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Kernel Slide

Kernel Slide is a security feature in iOS devices. It is a random offset that is added to the kernel base address. This prevents attackers from knowing the exact location of the kernel in memory.

General Settings

On Corellium virtual devices, you can modify the slide value used by iOS to relocate the iOS kernel during boot, to randomize addresses located inside the kernel.

This value can be set to one of the following values:

  • 0: Disable KASLR for this device (default)
  • (empty): Choose a random kernel slide during each boot
  • (value): Set the kernel slide to the specified value during each boot. The value should be specified in hexadecimal, be 16KB aligned (0x4000 aligned), and between 0x0 and 0x40000000

By modifying the KASLR value, you can more easily determine the memory addresses of various kernel components, including Kernelbase and Kernelproc.

Note: When disabling KASLR, randomizing the kernel slide, or specifying a custom kernel slide on devices that use TXM/SPTM (iPhone 13 and newer), the kernel component values will be fixed to what is known to work.