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Own Your Apps

For each app, view the name, date installed, type (System or User), and size of the file. You can also launch, kill or even uninstall some apps.

Install APKs on Android

Installing apps on Android devices is as simple as uploading your APK file. Once it’s installed, the app will appear in the list of Apps, as well as on the virtual device screen.

If your app uses Google Play Services, or you want to install Google Play Store, you also need to install OpenGApps. For more about installing OpenGApps click here.

Install IPAs on iOS

Corellium can install properly-signed apps on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken by loading them just as you would on a physical device.

Displaying Running Applications

The apps tab lists all the running applications on your virtual device whether you are viewing an iPhone or Android. Through the Corellium UI, you can launch, kill, uninstall, and even install some apps. For more about installing apps on iPhone click here, and for Android click here.

apps menu

process controls

Other Notes

Currently, Corellium virtual devices do not support 32-bit applications.