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Automated MAST


As part of our Business licenses, we offer an Automated Mobile Application Security Testing tool referred to as MAST. The goal of MAST is to be a compelling and cost-effective DevSecOps solution. By harnessing the power of virtual devices, you can test your mobile applications on a wide range of devices without the need to purchase and maintain their physical counterparts.

By building on the scalability and convenience of our cloud-based virtual devices, Corellium's MAST solution drastically reduces the effort, cost and time of penetration testing; enabling you to invest more into your security processes and ship more secure apps.

MAST Diagram

Our MAST solution is focused on the following key areas:

  • Scalable: Virtual devices in the cloud inherently remove the need for device labs and make it easier to work with a team, distributed or on-site.
  • Cost-efficient: Virtual devices are much cheaper to run and remove the need for both upfront and maintenance costs, resulting in more predictable pricing.
  • Automated: CI/CD automation can bring security testing back in the SDLC and run continuously without human intervention.
  • Time-saving: A CI-based approach also runs asynchronously to the main work, removing the need for dedicated security testing time at the end of each cycle.
  • Simplified workflows: Our MAST offering removes the need to aggregate single-focus open-source tools. Plus, our platform allows you to jailbreak devices instantly.
  • Powerful tooling: Our MAST solution builds on top of our security research tools, giving you access to things like Snapshots for super fast rollbacks to saved states.